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pet friendly villa suite

pet friendly villa suite

There is one Pet Friendly Villa Suite that can accommodate up to a small dog.
There is a dog run in the private garden for your dog to enjoy his/her stay.
However, the dog area is limited to the living room on the first floor.
The bedroom, loft, and shower room are for human guests only.
Only dogs that are potty-trained are allowed to stay.
Please note that we may charge a cleaning fee in the event of any defecation.
The furniture in the living room on the first floor is made of stain-resistant artificial leather,
so please wipe it down immediately in case of an “emergency.

about room

  • Room area: 104 sq.m.
  • Main bedroom is on the first floor with two semi-double size beds (120 cm wide)
  • With a single-size futon laid out in the loft, the room can accommodate up to 3 guests.
  • 3 persons on the first floor, 3 persons on the second floor, maximum of 6 persons
  • Shower room, washroom, toilet, and mini-kitchen are provided
    *No TV is provided
  • Amenities: Refrigerator, electric kettle, safe, toothbrush, toothpaste, slippers, bath towel, face towel, towel warmer


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including room availability and accommodation plans.