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Seizan-ryokusui Standard course of two meals per night

Local gastronomy is a common theme throughout the 10 Stories Hotel.
Local gastronomy refers to the expression of local climate, culture and history in cuisine,
At Oze 10 Stories, however, the culinary theme goes one step further and is based on the fusion of civilisation and primitiveness. The restaurant uses primitive cooking methods, such as “only grill what tastes good grilled” and “only steam what tastes good steamed”, and also uses cutting-edge cooking methods. In addition to the primitive cooking methods, we also use cutting-edge cooking methods to offer food from Uonuma and Okutadami that transcends the time axis. In order to raise the quality of the food, a two-part system is used.
Please note that we cannot accept other start times.

two-part system16:30〜 / 19:00〜

We recommend the 16:30 session, when you can enjoy a relaxed dinner in the light of day.
After dinner, enjoy an elegant time around the bonfire (bonfire time 18:30 – 20:30).
*Subject to availability, we may not be able to accommodate you at your preferred time.
A kids’ plate is available for children of primary school age and under.