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Only after 2nd night
(consecutive nights) lunch menu

For guests staying multiple nights, we offer a daily changing lunch menu featuring specialties such as mountain vegetable pizza baked in a stone oven and Oze jujo Special Curry.

Additionally, upon request, we provide “Kaiko Meshi” . In 1970, when Ken Kaiko stayed with us, electricity had not yet reached Ginzan Flat. It was a time of simplicity. One day, Sato Susumu of Murasugi Hut served Ken Kaiko a simple dish of mountain vegetable fried rice as staff meal. Ken Kaiko was so fond of it that he instructed to make it a specialty of Murasugi Hut. Subsequently, this mountain vegetable fried rice became not only a specialty of Ginzan Flat but also of Yunotani Village at the foot of the mountain (now Uonuma City), known as “Kaiko Meshi” continuing to this day. If you wish to try it, please inform the staff at check-in.