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Sharpen your senses!
A resort where the wild comes alive.

Echigo-Komagatake, and Mt, In the Kitanomata River, char can be seen with the naked eye,
and the scenery is reminiscent of Kamikochi.
The view is reminiscent of Kamikochi, where you can see char with your naked eye
in the Kita/Mata River. 10 StoriesHotel OZE Oze Jujo is located in Ginzandaira,
Okutadami, where a great nature comparable to Kurobe Tateyama still remains.
There are 6 villa suites and 4 standard rooms on the 2nd floor of the restaurant building.
Oze is a treasure house of wonderful nature, flora and fauna. In other words,
it is a true wilderness that cannot be controlled by human beings.
With the recent development of civilization and technological advancement,
the illusion that “there is nothing that humans cannot control” is being born.
However, when you visit this place, you will feel how small human beings are.
Because of the beauty of the place, there is the threat of nature.
Sudden storms, lightning bolts never seen before, snowstorms where you cannot see a meter ahead….
10 Stories Hotel OZE Oze Jujo is a new resort to restore human sensitivity and wild intuition.
The hotel has six villa suites and four standard rooms suitable for single occupancy
on the second floor of the restaurant building.

villa suite with sauna log-house No 1, 2

Six hand-cut log houses are scattered throughout the site. Two of them have saunas.
The fuel is “firewood,” so please enjoy burning wood until you reach the temperature you like.
The water bath is spring water drawn from the foot of Mt. Mr. Kaiko praised it as “super first-class,
Mr. Kaiko praised the water as “first-rate” and it is luxuriously poured into the bath.
The massive log house is laid out in a traditional Japanese style, The massive log house is furnished
with Danish masterpieces such as Arne Jacobsen’s “SWAN” and Space Copenhagen’s “SWOON”.
Please spend an elegant time with furniture that is one rank higher than that of the Villa Suite.

villa suite log-house No 3, 4, 5

There are three log houses in the Villa Suite, renovated from log houses built 20 years ago,
The log houses were built 20 years ago and have been renovated.
The older the log house is, the more it will be enhanced in character and taste.
The living room coordinated with antique chandeliers and Scandinavian furniture creates
a unique atmosphere, a sense of dignity that cannot be achieved in a newly built log house.
All beds are a special grade made by “Sealy” of the United States, All beds are made of a special grade
of “Sealy” from the U.S., and down quilts are used as comforters for a comfortable sleeping environment.

pet friendly villa suite log-house No 6

There is one Pet Friendly Villa Suite that can accommodate up to a small dog.
There is a dog run in the private garden for your dog to enjoy his/her stay.
However, the dog area is limited to the living room on the first floor.
The bedroom, loft, and shower room are for human guests only.
Only dogs that are potty-trained are allowed to stay.
Please note that we may charge a cleaning fee in the event of any defecation.
The furniture in the living room on the first floor is made of stain-resistant artificial leather,
so please wipe it down immediately in case of an “emergency.

standard room Restaurant Building, 2nd floor (201-204)

Standard rooms range from 22 to 30 square meters and feature one queen-size bed (160 centimeters wide).
We use specially graded mattresses from the American brand "Sealy" and provide feather duvets.
While the room accommodates two guests, it is primarily designed for single occupancy.
Please note that standard rooms do not include a shower or bathtub.
Guests are welcome to use the indoor baths at the adjacent day-use hot spring facility "Shirogane no Yu" or the separate building "Stay Oze" free of charge. Shirogane no Yu operates from 11:30 to 18:00, closed on Wednesdays.
The surrounding area boasts views of Mount Echigo Komagatake, one of Japan's "100 Famous Mountains," as well as Mount Nakanodake and Mount Arasawadake, both "200 Famous Mountains," visible from the room windows.
Layouts and furnishings vary by room.


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