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Start Your Journey to Oze National Park from here! 

The marshlands of Oze, such as “Ozegahara Marsh (尾瀬ヶ原)”’ and “Lake Ozenuma (尾瀬沼)”, is one of the most famous marshlands in Japan. Especially in early summer, when Asian skunk cabbage blooms, and in autumn, when the leaves turn beautifully red and yellow, the area is crowded with hikers.

In terms of accessibility, although it is not as convenient as Hatotai Pass and Oshimizu – Sanpei Toge Pass from Gunma prefecture, Oze Pass, which follows the headwaters, can be seen as the most legitimate pass to Oze National Park. 

Take a boat to cross Okutadami Lake, loved by famous Japanese writer Ken Kaiko, and a bus to the national park, passing through the virgin forest. We hope you enjoy your time in this splendid nature.

Please note, however, the Lake Okutadami Pleasure Boat and the bus make only two round trips a day, one in the morning and one in the evening. In other words, you need a whole day to go there and come back.

Bus reservations are required up to 3 days in advance (reservations can be made up to the day before if seats are available). 

If you drive, it takes about 70 minutes from Oze Jujo to Oze Miike (尾瀬御池). The road is paved, but it is narrow and has many curves, so it is for someone who is confident in driving. From Oze Miike, it is 20 minutes by bus, which runs every 30 minutes. 

*No public vehicles are allowed beyond Oze Miike.

The sightseeing boat and bus service of Oze Pass is usually available from early June to mid-October. 

Buses from Oze Miike to Numayama-toge will also be in service until the end of October.

After November, Takigumo waterfall clouds and sea of clouds can be seen at Shiori-toge near Oze Jujo.

It is also a perfect season to enjoy saunas. Please come and visit us this time of the year to enjoy the spectacular scenery by nature.

Access to Oze 
Uonuma City Tourist Association (TEL +81-25-792-7300)