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 “Okutadami・Ginzan-daira” area, where Japanese literary giant Ken Kaiko fell in love.

Ginzan-daira, where Oze Jujo is located, is familiar as a place that appears in books written by Japanese literary giant Ken Kaiko. 

He often stayed here in Okutadami・Ginzan-daira area for writing and also to enjoy fishing. 

In fact, “Oze Jujo” project began when Jiyujin took over “Murasugi,” a guest house associated with Ken Kaiko.

Former owner couple of Murazugi, and Toru Iwasa from Jiyujin

There is his literary monument nearby Oze Jujo. 

Inheriting Mr Kaiko’s intention, locals are still working to protect the nature there.

You can read the books by Mr. Kaiko that were given to us by the former owner of “Murasugi”. Please come and experience the unexplored wilderness of Ginzandaira, loved by Ken Kaiko.