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dining 注釈

We hope you will read this in order to
eliminate the tragedy for everyone.

I just wanted to read this to those of you who are considering staying with us.
For many of you, the food at your destination is “extremely important” and
“the reputation of the accommodation depends on the food,
Many of you may say, “The evaluation of accommodation facilities depends on the food.
However, food is a matter of taste, and there is no such thing as a “good meal” for everyone.
Of course, from a marketing standpoint, there are dishes and ingredients that many people find delicious,
In fact, there is a majority of restaurants and lodging facilities that serve such dishes.
The cuisine we offer at 10 Stories Hotel is completely different.
Each establishment has its own concept and theme.
Of course, we do our best to have as many people as possible say “delicious” to us,
However, there are a few customers a year who find the food “not at all palatable.
This is not only a tragedy for the customer, but also a disappointment for us.
And one word-of-mouth comment can not only demoralize the entire staff,
but also affect the morale of the producers.
In some cases, it can drag someone into depression.
Even if the person posting has the best intentions of not wanting others to feel the same way,
For the staff and producers who put their lives on the line,
it can be a trauma of “Why didn’t they get the message?
We want to avoid this mismatch as much as possible. Please read the following,
If you feel that our cuisine may not match your taste or the direction of your favorite cuisine,
we would appreciate it if you would reconsider your stay.

The theme of all facilities is “local gastronomy,”
which expresses the “climate, culture and history” of the region.

It is different from so-called ryokan cuisine.
Oze Jucho’s chef has a background in French cuisine, but it is not French cuisine either.
We are working every day to express the “climate, culture and history”
of Oze and Okutadami in our cuisine.

Luxury ingredients are generally not used

While it is “advantageous” from a marketing standpoint to compose dishes
with luxurious or rare ingredients, we prohibit it at all of our facilities.
Price and rarity have nothing to do with “deliciousness.
Rather than chasing after luxury ingredients, we emphasize relationships
with producers of delicious food, We want to bring out the best of their flavors.

It may be lightly seasoned.

In order to realize a sustainable food environment,
we emphasize plant-based rather than animal-based tastes.
In particular, we want our vegetable dishes to have the taste of
the vegetables themselves, so we keep the amount of salt to a minimum.
We do not use any chemical seasonings, including carryover at all of our facilities.
We also use as little white sugar as possible (none at all at Satoyama Jucho).

It’s not a “glowing” dish.

Delicately crafted amusements, artistically arranged,
I believe that this is the domain of chefs with strong artistic tendencies.
The chef’s cuisine is imitated in many places, but imitation is just that,
an imitation, However, imitation is imitation, and there is
no meaning in cooking in Oze. Oze Jucho’s cuisine is rather simple.
The courses include dishes that are “just baked” or “just steamed”.

I can only promise you that we are serious about this.

I think there are many things that are not up to par.
You may think, “The concept is admirable, but the food is not up to par.
But I promise you that we are working on it seriously.
Better tomorrow than today, better next year than this year.
To realize a better food environment.
To let you feel the nature of mountainous Okutadami and Oze.
And all of us are working hard to be recognized by our customers.