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facility 注釈

Please read before making a reservation

It is wilderness and there are insects!

This is the territory of a wide variety of life: there are big char that grow to over 60 centimeters,
there are bears and insects, and in the summer there are horseflies and dayflies,
and in the fall winged insects and stink bugs.
In the summer, we have horseflies and grubs, and in the fall, winged insects and stinkbugs.
The staff thoroughly catch insects that invade the guest rooms every day, though,
It is impossible to shut out insects, especially stink bugs, that enter through gaps in the sashes.
Although we are more protected than in camp, it is impossible to completely separate
the human world from the natural world. Please assume that insects will be present.

It is not a perfect hotel.

Check-in will take place in front of the reception desk with a brief description of your stay in your car.
You will then go to the log cabin where you will stay by yourself.
We will not carry your luggage or show you around your room.
Please note that we will not enter the turndown either.
10 Stories Hotel OZE Oze Jucho is not a hotel that competes with conventional services.
Instead, we will do our best to support our guests so that they can have new discoveries,
experiences, and impressions during their stay.

No sumptuous ingredients are served.

Although the chef has a background in French cuisine, he does not use foie gras, caviar, or truffles.
Our course menu does not follow the typical flow of appetizers, fish, and meat dishes,
but rather emphasizes a flow that allows diners to experience the culture of Uonuma and Okutadami.
Ingredients are mainly from the surrounding area, but not necessarily “because it is close by.
” We choose ingredients that make you feel the dignity of life, the consideration for soil and water,
and the love for human beings. From the standpoint of animal dignity,
we also do not use Wagyu beef with terns, broilers, or eggs from chickens confined in chicken coops.

Please bring your own amenities.

Although we provide a full range of amenities, the amount of trash
from disposable amenities is unimaginable.
Moreover, many of the disposable amenities, such as razors and toothbrushes,
are made of non-renewable plastic products due to the mixture of different materials,
and it is heartbreaking to have to take them out of the trash each time.
We would appreciate it if you could bring your used toothbrushes, razors, hairbrushes, etc.
Of course, if you “forgot!” Please feel free to use the amenities provided.

No smoking in the entire building.

Smoking is not permitted on the premises. Smoking in the garden
of the villa suites is also prohibited.
If you are found smoking inside the room, you will be charged 50,000 yen
as a cleaning fee and a business compensation fee.
If you are found smoking in the room, you will be charged 50,000 yen
as a cleaning fee and a business compensation fee.

*All information is correct at the time of posting.