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The road to Oze Jujo, “Okutadami Silver Line”.

It takes about 40 minutes by car from the central part of Koide in Uonuma City, via the Okutadami Silver Line.

After passing through a 22-km long tunnel, the pristine nature awaits. The area has such heavy snowfall that it is closed during the winter. You may enjoy the view of the beautiful snow-covered mountains and fresh greenery peeking through the snow-shed between the tunnel.

Inside the tunnel, there is a sign to turn right saying “Ginzan-daira (銀山平)”. Please be careful not to miss the sign otherwise you will end up at Okutadami Dam.

If you take public transportation, take Joetsu Shinkansen to “JR Urasa Station”. Our shuttle service is available once a day from the station. It takes about 50 minutes from the station to Oze Jujo.

There are no stores around Oze Jujo. If you need anything, please make sure to buy them beforehand.