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Taste Local Gastronomy at Our Restaurant “Seizan Ryokusui (青山緑水)”

Oze Jujo’s restaurant “青山緑水” is read as “Seizan Ryokusui”.

It is a Chinese Zen word meaning harmony with all things in nature, and that nature is the abode of human beings. Ginzandaira, where Oze Jujois located, is in an unexplored region where one can truly feel all things in nature.

Tucked away in mountains where being closed off by snow in the winter, the culture of Matagi, groups of nomadic hunters who live in harmony with nature and utilise the abundant gifts from the mountains. Rockfish in the river, wild vegetables and mushrooms in the mountains, and so on… We hope to bring a new sensibility to this abundance of ingredients here. 

The chef is Takuhiro Aoyagi, who worked as sous chef at “Matsumoto Jujo”. With respect for nature and ingredients, he aims to create dishes that can only be enjoyed in this area.

We provide course dinner in two sessions, at 4:30pm and 7:00pm. 

Breakfast is served in the Japanese style, filled with local delicacies.

Same with our sister hotels, we do not use artificial seasonings in cooking to preserve the original flavour of the ingredients. Allergies can be basically accommodated, please consult with us in advance.