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06. fishing

Meditate by the water

A short walk or bike ride from the hotel, the coves and rugged shores of Lake Okutadami have plenty of charm for enthusiastic anglers. Get up early and stroll to the lake with your gear in tow for the chance to reel in some iwana (whitespotted char), an East Asian species of trout that grows up to 60cm long here, or wakasagi (Japanese pond smelt), a small and tasty species usually eaten grilled or as tempura. And even when the catch leaves something to be desired, the tranquil waters and striking mountain views are sure to offer soul-soothing satisfaction.

Fishing boat rental can be arranged through Ten Stories Oze, but we do not have facilities specifically for anglers and encourage practicing catch and release. Also note that fishing is not allowed in the rivers around Ten Stories Oze, which are part of a nature reserve.

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