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10 stories Oze

05. stargazing

Marvel at the night sky

Living in a brightly lit city can make spotting even a handful of stars arduous. Ginzandaira is the complete opposite: here the night sky hangs over you in all its breathtaking glory. Far from all sources of light pollution, the valley does not even have streetlights. Step out after dark on any clear night and you’ll be treated to a cosmic spectacle featuring thousands upon thousands of glistening stars, making it easy to view constellations and planets, as well as meteors and satellites making their way across the heavens. For the best views, book your stay during the new moon.

Picnic blankets, star charts, and LED lanterns can be borrowed for free at the hotel. Be sure to wear warm clothing when going outside at night.

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10 stories Oze

10 experiences to become one with nature. We will guide you through experiences that can only be found in Oze jujo, each unique to the changing seasons.