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10 stories Oze

04. water activities

Glide across a tranquil lake

The tranquil and sheltered Lake Okutadami provides a welcoming setting for water activities that allow you to immerse yourself in nature. Against a stunning backdrop of forested mountainsides, guests can paddle canoes or kayaks or step on a stand-up paddleboard (SUP), circling the lake while birds fly by, fish swim past, and small boats traverse the water in the distance.

Water activities are offered in summer and fall. Note that as the lake is deep and its water relatively cold, wearing a wetsuit and life jacket is essential. Going out on the lake without a certified instructor is not recommended.

How to make a reservation

UP rental ¥7,700/2 hours (sup, paddle, life jacket, waterproof mobile phone case and spectacle band included)
Wetsuit rental ¥1,100/2hours
Marin shoes ¥500/2hours
Note that rentals do not include accident insurance or compensation for eventual damages. Please acquire your own travel insurance.

10 stories Oze

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