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10 stories Oze

07. snowshoeing

Trek through a fairytale landscape

Ginzandaira sits in the heart of Japan’s “snow country,” where clouds filled with moisture from the Sea of Japan collide with cold mountain air to produce massive snowfall every winter. The area around Ten Stories Oze gets covered by up to six meters of the white stuff in midwinter and snow remains on the nearby slopes until early summer. Snowshoeing tours, a magical way to experience the monochrome landscape’s otherworldly beauty, are offered at the hotel once the warmth of spring sets in and trails can be dug through the drifts.

How to make a reservation

Snowshoe Guide tourl ¥5,500/2 hours (snowshoes, stock, trekking poles, gloves, knit hat, snow wear, drink and snack)

Note: Avalanches are uncommon in spring but can occur. Guests unfamiliar with snow and local conditions should not go snowshoeing without a guide.
Please wear warm, waterproof clothing and mid-cut or high-ankle hiking boots.
Note that rentals do not include accident insurance or compensation for eventual damages. Please acquire your own travel insurance.

10 stories Oze

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