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10 stories Oze

09. wildlife-watching

Spot a wild resident

The near-pristine mountain ecosystem of Ginzandaira includes a wide variety of birds, insects, and larger animals whose habitat rarely overlaps with humans’. Rabbits, weasels, squirrels, and tanuki raccoon dogs are all prevalent around Ten Stories Oze. The bears living in the nearby hills rarely show themselves, but this is their territory—guests are asked to refrain from leaving food outside and acting in any way that might disturb the animals. If you have a bug phobia, beware: insects such as dragonflies, horseflies, and moths occasionally swarm in the area. When this happens, keeping the insides of our buildings completely bug-free can be all but impossible.

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10 stories Oze

10 experiences to become one with nature. We will guide you through experiences that can only be found in Oze jujo, each unique to the changing seasons.