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10 stories Oze

01. hiking

Blaze your own trail

What better way to connect with nature than walking through it at your own pace? Get acquainted with your surroundings by strolling leisurely along footpaths that lead from the hotel toward Lake Okutadami, pack lunch for a few hours’ walk through the shade of an old-growth beech forest, or spend an entire day exploring the vegetation of the mountainous terrain, once virtually isolated from the modern world.

Oze National Park with its vast network of trails is also accessible from the hotel and recommended for adventurers ready to commit to an entire day of hiking. From Ten Stories Oze, you can take a sightseeing ship across Lake Okutadami and then ride a bus up to the Numayama Pass. From there, the Uonuma-Oze route up along the headwaters of the Tadami River leads to the marshes of Oze. If your feet are your preferred means of transport, you’ll be sure to enjoy the freedom of choice and variety of challenges that await at Ten Stories Oze.Note that the ships and buses run toward Oze only once in the morning and back once in the evening. Tickets must be reserved at least three days in advance.

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10 stories Oze

10 experiences to become one with nature. We will guide you through experiences that can only be found in Oze jujo, each unique to the changing seasons.