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10 stories Oze

10. sauna

Cleanse both mind and body

Winding down in a sauna is known to have a number of both physical and mental health benefits, and Ten Stories Oze offers a wealth of options for guests looking to enjoy some steam therapy. Two of our log cabins have private saunas, while a pair of communal Finnish-style log saunas invite you to sweat it out in space and comfort before cooling down in our riverside pool or nursing tired limbs in our open-air hot-spring tub. At the main sauna, you’ll get to enjoy an unimpeded view of the mountain landscape while taking in the soothing sound of a waterfall above the crystal-clear river next to the hut. The communal saunas are heated with sustainable firewood processed from dead trees, gathered by local forestry workers from the nearby hills.

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10 stories Oze

10 experiences to become one with nature. We will guide you through experiences that can only be found in Oze jujo, each unique to the changing seasons.