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10 stories hotel Oze



The fields are endless.
Come on to your own adventure!

Of course, you can experience the wonderful nature even if you stay one night.
However, if you want to enjoy Oze, 3 days and 2 nights are the best choice. Okutadami Lake, where the writer Ken Kaiko used to fish, is home to large iwana (char) over 60 centimeters in length. In recent years, the waterfall clouds of Edaori Pass and the snowfalls of Nakaarasawa Mannen Yuki have also become famous. There are a wide variety of experiences to be had in and around Oze Jucho. Let’s go on your own adventure!

10 stories Oze

10 experiences to become one with nature. We will guide you through experiences that can only be found in Oze jujo, each unique to the changing seasons.